Sina A. Klein, M.Sc

Sina A. Klein, M.Sc.
Research Assistant and Ph. D. Student

Office: K Building, Room 2.03
Office hours (during term): Thursday, 11:00h-12:00h (a brief advance notification is appreciated)
Fortstraße 7, D-76829 Landau, Germany
Phone: +49 (0)6341 280 34 246
Fax: +49 (0)6341 280 34 241

Research interests

  • Personality and individual differences

    • HEXACO model of personality structure
    • Personality variables related to prosocial and pro-environmental behavior

  • Cooperation in economic games

    • Interaction of person and situation factors
    • Application to environmental issues

  • Video games

    • Player experiences during game play, especially identification processes and flow
    • Application to real life intergroup conflict



  • Reading and evaluation empirical research articles (B.Sc.; Winter 2015/16, Winter 2016/17)
  • Selected topics of motivation and emotion (B.Sc.; Summer 2015)
  • Selected topics of differential and personality psychology (B.Sc.; Summer 2016, Summer 2017)
  • Theoretical foundations of web-based research (M.Sc.; Winter 2017/18)
  • Cheating and moral licensing: Lab-tutorial (B.Sc.; Winter 2017/18)

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